Your Life Wasn’t That Bad And It’s Not Going To Get Much Better.

Your life wasn’t that bad under Trump and it’s not going to get that much better under Biden. As we now sit and think about the next few weeks and what it means to this country, I think it’s important that we all take a very sober look at the conditions that we have been living in. Although it can be different to remove our individual bias and emotions, it is absolutely necessary that we do so.

Never in my life have I seen such a pathetic display of imaturity than four years ago when Donald Trump was elected as our 45th President. Coming in at a close second are the early comments that I’m starting to notice on social media. Needless to say, I think everyone is simply going to switch positions and occupy the vacated seats that the other party was holding for the last four years. In other words, not much is going to change.

The presidency of Donald Trump is an impressive run of emotional outburst. Friendships were destroyed and family gatherings were governed by rules that included no discussion of politics. We experienced a volatile political climate like never before. I think some of that will be tempered over the next four years, but it will not be completely dissolved. Although as an American citizen I appreciate transparency in my government, I’m not sure we will see much of that going forward.

When President Trump declared war on the media, they were quick to declare war on him right away. If you want full exposure and transparency, declare war on a newspaper. They will leverage all of their emotional resources to shape a narrative that we have seen on full display for the last several years. I’m not sure that CNN has ever said anything positive about 45! If I’m wrong, please share a link.

The troubling thing is that when you have someone that is a friend of the media, they are less likely to pull back the curtain. When you are without the media enemy, you are probably not going to see much negative about that person. Instead you will see a portrait of roses and rainbows instead of hard, investigative journalism. The only exception is that you’ll probably see investigations on those who were friends of the soon to be former president.

But back to my original point. If you take away the emotions and the hundreds of tweets, you would see that your life isn’t that much different. Horrific tragedies shaped our nation, not the president. When you do your best to blame every problem on one small portion of our government, you show how little you know about the constitution and the government of this country. In other words, read a book and learn the actual process.

Maybe over the next four years we can learn to get along. Maybe we have a figurehead that can somehow promote unity without sacrificing the progress that is been made. Or, maybe sleepy Joe will be the quiet moron that we need to cool things off for a while. Who knows, maybe North Korea won’t do anything and Iran won’t threaten nuclear war again. But then again, when have they ever been predictable?

Small business owner and US Army Veteran with thoughts on business, culture and relationships. Let's connect and learn from each other.

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