Everyone says you can be anything you want, so long as you work really, really hard. Perhaps you have heard that before?

So what if I want to be an NFL player at 41 years old? Oh, I have experience, I played a season in junior high school. I even watch football on TV and know how to play the game.

I can be an NFL player, right?

No, Gary, you can’t. To be elite, like an NFL player, you simply have to have the right blend of talent, timing and work ethic.

No matter how hard I work right now, my talent and timing are way off. There is literally nothing I can do about those things.

Perhaps I wanted to be a great chef? Is that still possible? Maybe. I could learn the skills, I am still young enough to handle working in that environment, but perhaps I train and I just don’t have the talent or passion for it?

These two crude examples serve as proof that it’s simply not a matter of wanting it bad enough. Sure, that’s a big part of it, but never forget the right combination of talent and timing in addition to desire.

Small business owner and US Army Veteran with thoughts on business, culture and relationships. Let's connect and learn from each other.

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