Sunday Football Without Fans? Stupid.

I’m just going to say it, I think football games without fans is utterly ridiculous. Our approach to this whole thing has been massively flawed as I have stated on previous posts. No I don’t like that we’re living inside of the pandemic and I also don’t like how people are so resistant to the preventative measures that were brought forth from the CDC.

Continuing these halfhearted measures are doing nothing but closing businesses, frustrating the masses, and giving people more ammunition than they need to start more and more arguments while we live in a world of escalating isolation. Social media started a disturbing trend of personal isolation, and it has been an accelerated by this incredibly frustrating virus.

Instead of trying to turn everything into a battle of political correctness, I suggest we drop all legal requirements in order to let people and businesses decide for themselves what they should do. The government should simply be a player of information and continue to report the things that are important to this nation. Local business owners should decide the ways they would like to run their business. Individuals should decide their level of individual protection. You know…freedom?

We lost this battle way back in March and April. We lost it when we allowed Costco and Home Depot to remain open while shutting down schools, churches, and barbershops. I firmly believe that the government has shown its hand by making it blatantly obvious how they desire control more than anything else. They simply don’t care about common sense.

The National Football League should have forged ahead a new path that included common sense and a balance of safety. Limit fans? Yes. Social distancing? Sure, as much as you can allow. Hand sanitizer everywhere? Sure, why not! There are lots of ways that people can still gather together and yet remain safe. A few brave stadiums, including my beloved Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, have proven that you can still have regular games with a limited audience and still remain safe.

Where did all of the common sense go?

Small business owner and US Army Veteran with thoughts on business, culture and relationships. Let's connect and learn from each other.

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