So there you are, browsing through your news feed on any one of your social media apps on your phone. Next thing you know, you are embroiled in a massive argument with strangers from all over the country. Personal insults are flying, remarks about intelligence come out of nowhere and suddenly you realize that you have just fallen off the political discussion cliff. How in the world that this happened? How could it go from a simple browsing to the questioning of your own personal intelligence?

One particular website mentioned five reasons not to talk about political topics on social media. The author said that you can lose a friend, or even a client along with the damaging your reputation. He makes a great point about it being a waste of time and how it’s also usually the wrong platform. There are political discussion groups all over the Internet, which are not directly posting two are more popular social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. He certainly does make a compelling argument!

Xavier Sotomayor on Unsplash

Something else that you see a lot of is extremism. Basically, this is where people go two polar opposites of the political spectrum for some unknown reason. This is when the insults start to fly and the grasping of reality seems to diminish. Conservatives certainly hate liberals and liberals suddenly hate conservatives. People then begin to bring in various articles and collections of data that are supposed to unequivocally prove their respective points. Unfortunately, the other side of the argument does the exact same thing and the only thing that is left is a steaming pile of hate and discontent for the other person. As you can see, this is not a very good outcome.

Going forward, I am making a stone cold commitment to refrain from discussing politics on social media. If I have an idea for a particular policy or a policymaker, I will directly contact that person and put forth my information. I will not ridicule any political person or try to change the mind of someone that I disagree with. I simply want to live a peaceful life and try my best to do well in the Army and in my on-line marketing and personal branding pursuits. Arguing about politics on social media has run its course in my life and I refuse to be baited into losing my peace of mind.

I hope that you will join me in my quest and to stop engaging with those that seek to entice an argument. Let us all take the high road and see if we can actually enjoy social media for what it was made for, which is obviously sharing pictures of your meal at a fancy restaurant or a duck face.

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