COVID-19 Data Is Manipulated Once Again

Please allow me to start off this article by saying that I don’t believe anybody should take this pandemic lightly. This virus is killing people every day and making life pretty miserable for most of the people that catch it. I have personal experience with people that have caught it and have recovered from it, but it wasn’t easy on them. They say, in most cases, it’s much like a really bad flu with the respiratory systems. It sucks, but you can get through it.

Right now you are being prepared for a vaccine and you might not even know it. The mass media is painting a very dark picture in a well known attempt you create fear, panic, and hysteria. With these three ingredients they begin to introduce hope on the horizon which is a vaccine that is likely due to arrive as early as next month (I know you hate Trump, but he did quite a bit of work to fast track this stuff). I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, but it’s kind of sad when the powers that be don’t even try that hard to hide it. If you have not watched the movie “V for Vendetta”, stop reading and go watch a right now.

But to my point the mass media is painting a very dark picture by saying healthcare facilities are reaching or overflowing their capacities. It makes for great headlines, but they’re leaving out a couple of crucial details that I would like to share with you in this blog post. I hope that you will take this into consideration the next time you flip on any major news network and allow them to program your mind.

One of the biggest manipulations of data right now is the percentage of bed usage. Although I cannot find the original article, I read somewhere that it was in availability of staffed beds. Or, you might have seen it as available beds, but whatever the case may be this is a very important piece of the data. This is a big gap in the fight for journalistic integrity! You can get the basic idea in this article, but make sure and read the entire thing.

In other words, a hospital may physically have 100 intensive care beds in their facility. But…you can’t just start slapping bodies in those beds because they may not have the doctors, nurses, and support staff to attend to the patients in those beds. In other words, if you only have 30% of your staff available, then you only have 30% of your beds available. So if only 30% of your beds are available and most of those beds are filled with virus patients, what do you think the headline will be?

The other side of this data is about the availability of medical staff. As you know, the requirements for quarantine are very stringent and it is literally wiping out health care staff availability all across the country. I mean, they are making people stay home if they have known exposure to COVID-19. Do you know any way to avoid that has an ER staff member? As to my point above, if you don’t have staff then you technically don’t have the beds.

Can you see how easily the people are manipulated by data without being lied to?

Like I said in the beginning, this is serious. But don’t let manipulated day to be the driver for the decisions that you make. The amount of testing being done is borderline ridiculous, and the deaths per test rate is ridiculously low! Don’t be foolish, wear a mask, and wash your hands. Stay away from people when you can, don’t linger in the hot breath of your relatives, and do what you can to stay as healthy as possible. We are going to get through this as long as we don’t believe everything the newspapers throw at us.

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